Study Tours Overview

Additour coordinates study tour programs from arrival till departure.
We are focused on providing each student with an unforgettable experience which they will cherish for a lifetime.

English Cultural Education

All teachers are experienced and use a range of teaching styles to suit each group’s requirements.

Classes are focused around a group's program and excursions. Teachers will help each student improve their English porficiency, primarily focusing on immersive English. We present students with opportunities to practice and appreciate what they have already learned, and to sense further opportunity and desire to improve during and after their incredible study-tour experience.

School Integration

During school time our visiting students are matched with a local student Buddy and will share lunch and some mainstream classes together with them.

Guided Excursions

Our Teacher-Guides accompany students on all excursions.

Homestay Accommodation

Students stay with caring homestay families. All families are visited at their home. All host family members over 18 years old are government checked and permitted to host young students.

Homestay is the best way for students to experience life as part of an Australian family, to practice their English, gain more sense of Australian culture and to share their jorueny with us.